Experience the Best Lakeside Restaurants in Austin, TX

Austin, TX is a city that offers some of the most beautiful bodies of water and amazing restaurants with stunning views. From the historic South Austin country house to the Line Austin Hotel, there are plenty of places to enjoy a delicious meal with a view. Here are some of the best lakeside restaurants in Austin, TX that you should definitely check out. The Arlo Gray restaurant at the Line Austin Hotel is a multi-level Italian eatery with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a breathtaking view of the Colorado River and the Congress Avenue Bridge.

The restaurant is equipped with a modern bar, a performance stage, and a pool overlooking downtown Austin. Plus, you can watch the bats fly by at dusk!The Sundancer Grill is a bistro-style restaurant located next to Lake Travis. It offers a casual lakeside setting and classic American food. The Lighthouse Restaurant and Lounge is another full-service oceanfront restaurant on Lake Travis that serves classic American food with a warm, inviting atmosphere. If you're looking for outdoor dining options, Eater's patio guides are essential.

You can also check out some of the city's best restaurants and rooftop bars for a different perspective. Oyster's Landing Marina in Tarrytown has some waterfront restaurants as well. Finally, The OASIS is the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas and has earned a reputation as the sunset capital of Texas. With its stunning views of Lake Austin, it's no wonder why it's so popular!.

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