Private Dining Rooms at Austin's Lakeside Restaurants

Are you looking for the perfect spot to host a corporate dinner or special event in Austin, TX? Look no further than the lakeside restaurants in the city! From Uchiko's private dining room to the Rosemary Room at Thompson + Hanson Garden House, there are plenty of options for private dining in Austin. Whether you're looking for a cozy space for an intimate gathering or a large venue for a product launch, these restaurants have it all. At Uchiko, the private dining room can accommodate up to 34 people and is presentation-ready with a flat screen, surround sound, audio, and secure Wi-Fi. The room can also be divided in half for smaller gatherings.

Chef and owner Tyson Cole showcases his James Beard Award-winning talent at Uchiko, with specialties that will make your palate sing. Tiny Boxwoods Austin is a charming spot with an open kitchen and vaulted ceilings. The Rosemary Room at Thompson + Hanson Garden House is perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner with 45 people seated or 20 people at the farm's long white table. The 12-person Pasta Room is the highlight of this venue.

For an intimate party, Luck is the place to be. This modern Mexican restaurant offers a semi-private dining space for up to 24 people next to the dining room buzz. Chef Fermín Núñez will prepare a menu with popular dishes that can be adapted to the needs and wishes of all the guests at the party. Sr.

Kiem's is a unique space with a secluded patio ideal for cocktails and additional space for dining or group sessions. The private bathroom is an added bonus! Geraldine's loves organizing small intimate meetings and larger corporate events, with a private dining room that can accommodate 35 people. The attic wine room at Thompson + Hanson Garden House can seat 20 people for dinner or 30 standing cocktail guests. The private dining room at Austin at Eberly is located behind the Cedar Tavern bar and can accommodate 16 people for seated dining, 40 seats in the lounge, or 75 people standing.

The Lighthouse Restaurant and Lounge on Lake Travis offers classic American food with a warm atmosphere and relaxing environment. Vespaio's private dining room can seat up to 75 people for a cocktail party or 64 for a seated meeting. Simi Estiatorio is a Greek dining experience in downtown Austin with its own staff and private bathroom. The OASIS has earned a reputation as the sunset capital of Texas with its large outdoor restaurant seating up to 40 people. Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile on the banks of the Colorado River offers its own private dining room.

No matter what size event you're hosting, there are plenty of options for private dining in Austin. From Uchiko's Japanese cuisine to Simi Estiatorio's Greek dishes, these restaurants offer first-class options with great food, decor, and service. So if you're looking for the perfect spot to host your next event in Austin, look no further than these lakeside restaurants!.

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