Do Austin, TX Lakeside Restaurants Have a Bar Area Available?

Are you looking for a lakeside restaurant in Austin, TX with a bar area? Look no further! Ski Shores is a well-known waterfront option that has been serving up fresh American food, frozen drinks, and frozen margaritas along the shore of Lake Austin for years. It's always a great time to visit Ski Shores, but the best time may be after a fun day at the lake, when you're ready to enjoy one of their signature cocktails and a ski burger. If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with the Lone Star State, there's no better way than enjoying a barbecue at County Line on the Lake. Get some hot ribs and an ice-cold beer and stay for a while on the breezy patio right next to Bull Creek.

It's really awesome that this tranquil retreat is just a short drive from downtown Austin. Immerse yourself in nature while dining on the river at Tillery Kitchen and Bar, located on the east side of Austin. This expansive lakefront restaurant offers “traditional Tex-Mex food” with a Hawaiian twist in a vibrant atmosphere, with all the tacky tiki decorations you'd expect. The Arlo Gray restaurant at The Line Austin Hotel takes advantage of these stunning views with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Colorado River and the Congress Avenue Bridge (making it an ideal spot for bat watching).

Another newer hotel, The Loren at The Lady Bird restaurant patio, has an amazing view of Lady Bird Lake and downtown Austin from across the river. Remodeled from an old South Austin country house, this elegant Southern restaurant not only offers views of shady oaks and grassy mounds, but also of beautiful peacocks that roam freely, including an attractive all-white bird. So if you're looking for a lakeside restaurant in Austin, TX with a bar area, you have plenty of options! From Ski Shores to County Line on the Lake to Tillery Kitchen and Bar to The Arlo Gray to The Loren at The Lady Bird - there's something for everyone!.

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